NEW!  2015-17 Ford Mustang V6/V8 Hyper-Flex System Master Set

Control unwanted drivetrain movement, reduce wheel hop and improve handling on the street or on the track. Firmer durometer bushings and mounts stiffen suspension and drivetrain components yet are compliant enough for daily driving. PN 4.18127 Master Set Includes:

  • Front Control Arm Bushing Set PN 4.3170
  • Rear Control Arm Bushing Set PN 4.3166
  • Front Sway Bar Bushing Set (33.3mm) PN 4.5200
  • Rear Sway Bar Bushing Set (22mm) Pn 4.5198
  • Rear Differential Mounts PN 4.1139
  • Subframe Mount Set PN 4.4122
  • All components also sold seperately. Add R for red or G for black polyurethane
Click here to see a complete install article on Mustang 360 site.