Universal Products: Tie Rod End Dust Boots

Made ofHYPER-FLEXPerformance Polyurethane.
(A) Seals tight at tapered shaft
(B) Sharp edge helps seal-in lubricant
(C) Inside radius of boot works with rod socket as a wiper
(D) Extra sealing lips
(E) Barrel shaped for a better fit
Ordering Examples:
If A measures .630" at the largest taper and B measures 1.400" at the top of the socket use-
PT# 9.13101R, round, red in color
PT# 9.13102G, octagon, black in color

Available Colors / Color Codes:G for black, R for red. Example: 9.13101R = Red

NOTE: The rod end must measure at least the minimum dimensions shown below or larger. Approximates will do because of the elasticity of the product. The boot will seal better when it stretches over a larger dimension tie rod.
In some cases you need to insert a thin, not sharp, object under the lip of the boot to pull over area "B" of the tie rod end.
Remember, choose the part number (PT#) that has the dimensions closest to the vehicle tie rod, yet it must measure larger than the minimums in the diagram below.
For applications not listed the catalog specific vehicle listings- use chart below.
Minimum O.D. Dimensions
Dimension A
Minimum O.D. Dimensions
Dimension B
Round Shape
Octagon Shape
31/64" or .472" or 12mm 1 13/64" or 1.200" or 30.5mm 9.13103 9.13104
19/32" or .590" or 15mm 11 3/8" or 1.375" or 35mm 9.13101 9.13102
9/16" or .550" or 14mm 1 7/16" or 1.437" or 36.5mm 9.13105 9.13106
21/32" or .650" or 16.6mm 1 5/8" or 1.625" or 41.3mm 9.13119 9.13120
Packaged 2 per peg board card for resale and 12 and 50 per box for installers.
2 Pack 12 Box 50 Box
9.13101 9.13107 9.13113
9.13102 9.13108 9.13114
9.13103 9.13109 9.13115
9.13104 9.13110 9.13116
9.13105 9.13111 9.13117
9.13106 9.13112 9.13118
9.13119 9.13121 9.13123
9.13120 9.13122 9.13124