Products: Strut Rod Bushings

  • These performance polyurethane components help reduce common wheel "roll-under". This occurs when stopping abruptly, especially when using performance tires. For both front of rear drive vehicles is so equipped.
  • Replaces that original, short lived and too-soft O.E.M. rubber.
  • On front wheel drive vehicles- diminishes wheel hop and traction loss during standing start accelerations.
  • Better maintains proper alignment under extreme conditions.
  • Made of Energy's HYPER-FLEX™ performance polyurethane to add both performance and durability.

With the increased use of higher traction and performance tires on today's vehicles, soft original factory rubber bushings can very often cause the steering axis slant (caster alignment) to excessively and adversely change. This unwanted alignment movement also leads to premature failure of the lower control arm bushings and even excessive tire wear.

During hard "standing start" accelerations, Energy's strut rod bushings help control unwanted steering axis changes, diminishing wheel hop and reducing traction loss. While accomplishing all of this they still allow the suspension to smoothly travel throughout its full operating range, without binding. This is true for either front and rear wheel drive vehicles.

When braking hard, Energy's HYPER-FLEX™ performance polyurethane strut rod bushings help keep the front wheels and lower control arm assembly from literally rolling under the vehicle! Additionally, the exclusive formula HYPER-FLEX™ polyurethane material assures long lasting performance, unlike many O.E.M. rubber bushings.