Now Available! 2006-2014 Mazda Miata NC Hyper-Flex System Master Set

Energy Suspension offers firm yet compliant polyurethane components which will help achieve constant car control. Improve traction through the corners and during launching on the street or track.

Hyper-Flex System Master Set includes: Front and rear control arm bushings, front and rear sway bar bushings, rear differential mounts and steering rack bushings. Each component is manufactured to specific durometers (firmness) resulting in optimum handling performance, more power to the ground and long lasting durability.

  • Hyper-Flex System Master Set PN 11.18104
  • Reduces wheel-hop and understeer
  • Low deflection Hyper-Flex polyurethane; engineered for durability, compliant for daily driving
  • Components also available seperately. Available in red or black polyurethane
  • Master Sets also for Miata NA & NC models
  • Made in America