5th. Generation Camaro Coverage Extended to 2014

Bring you late model Camaro V6 & V8 Incl. Z28/SS up to speed with low-compliant bushings and mounts designed with durometer specific polyurethane components. Energy's control arm and sway bar bushings greatly improve overall handling duties while firmer differential mounts and subframe bushings add stability to the rear chassis to reduce wheel hop and improve traction.

  • Front Control Arm Bushing PN 3.3195
  • Rear Control Arm Bushing Set PN 3.3196
  • Front Sway Bar Bushing Set (22.5mm) PN 3.5218
  • Rear Sway Bar & End Link Bushing Set (23mm) PN 5.223
  • Rear Subframe Mounts PN 3.4169
  • Rear Differential Mounts PN 3.1153
  • Add R for red or G for black polyurethane